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Experience the warmth of true hospitality at Rosberg House. Our comfortable accommodations and delicious breakfast will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to start your day. Book your stay with us today and wake up happy!

The Rosberg House Welcomes you...


Welcome to the Rosberg House! Get ready to experience the ultimate relaxation in our expertly appointed guest rooms. We invite you to explore our large front porch, balcony, back deck, gazebo, in-ground pool, and colorful gardens. There's something for everyone to enjoy here. Come and experience it for yourself!  We are located in the heart of downtown.

Rosberg House
Master Suite
Turret Suite
Heritage Room
O'Gilley's Room
lady in wheat lamp
Parlor Rosberg House
Swedish Pancakes
Rosberg House Front porch
Gardens Rosberg House
Rosberg House outside yard
Balcony at the Rosberg House
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